Autumn Equinox Celebration

A Salute to the Multiculturalism of the Americas

September 19, 12 PM EDT | Live Stream


On Saturday, September 19th at 12 noon EDT, a celebration of the Autumn Equinox will be live streamed from Paul Winter's barn in the hills of Northwest Connecticut. The theme will be "A Salute to the Multiculturalism of the Americas." The performers will include musicians from Brazil and the United States. This program will be the rhythmic complement to the more contemplative music of the 25th annual Summer Solstice Celebration, and August Morning Music live streams this summer. 

The Autumn Equinox, marking the midpoint between the Summer and Winter Solstices, has traditionally served as a reminder to bring some balance into our lives. 

The players will be announced soon. 

The youtube video is embedded on this page. If you would like to receive an email notification shortly before the event begins, RSVP by clicking the button below. 


Thank you for joining our Autumn Equinox Celebration. The live stream is free to all. If you feel inspired, donations are gratefully accepted to help cover our production costs. If you’d like to contribute, please click here. Thank you!

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Paul Winter

 Soprano Saxophone 

Theresa Thomason


Peter Slavov


Jeff Boratko


Rogerio Boccato


Henrique Eisenmann



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