Angel on a Stone Wall

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"An inspired testament to the keyboard maturity and compositional vision of one of today's most original musicians" - (HUNTSVILLE NEWS)

"Paul Halley is an immensely creative musician who gathers inspiration from wherever the wind blows. Never a manufacturer of illusions, Halley feels the true impact of he creates because he understands the intrinsic relationship between music and life. 'Angel on a Stone Wall' is [..] personal and moving, [..] both beautiful and inspiring, enlightening and free."

Track List

  1. Sea Song
  2. La Alhambra
  3. Prayer
  4. Bulgarian Cowboy
  5. Rolling On
  6. Montana
  7. The Prince and the Pauper
  8. Todo Mundo
  9. Ubi Caritas
  10. Angel on a Stone Wall

51HT9VCS46LPaul Halley‘s debut album PIANOSONG received critical acclaim for its exquisite pieces of solo piano. In ANGEL ON A STONE WALL, Paul explores more of the extraordinary range of his composing, arranging and keyboard skills, drawing on his roots in jazz and classical traditions. Again he demonstrates his unique flair for creating original music that is vital and timeless. The album ranges from a ballad for solo piano to a piano-guitar duet, arrangements for the full Consort, to ‘Ubi Caritas’, a piece that juxtaposes and interweaves Gregorian and African chants. He is joined by his colleagues from the Paul Winter Consort and Paul Wertico and David Blamires of the Pat Metheny Group.