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On January 30th, at St. Peter’s Church (the “Jazz Church”) in midtown Manhattan, there was a memorial concert for the great bassist Bobby Cranshaw, who passed away in November 2016 at the age of 83. Bobby was one of the most beloved and respected musicians of our times. Best known, perhaps, for having toured with […]

Summer Solstice: Joe Vella interview with Paul Winter, HUFFPOST

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HUFFPOST NEW YORK: Interview: Paul Winter — The 16th Annual Summer Solstice Concert June 18th NYC  06/08/2011 04:51 pm ET | Updated Aug 08, 2011 by Joseph Vella,Vella Interactive   Legendary musician and Grammy Award winner Paul Winter has pioneered music that blends jazz, classical, world and environmental sounds into his brew of what he calls “Earth Music.” For […]

Winter Solstice, Pete Seeger, “Look Up!”

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SEEGERFEST We were privileged to take part in two of the events of the five-day SeegerFest in July, honoring Toshi and Pete Seeger. At the Bardavon Opera House in Poughkeepsie, there was a “family night” concert. We played and sang “Minuit”, which was a song Pete had loved, and in a medley with the Irish jig […]